COFA C20 with 3 different blade sizes

News - 14.07.2014

HEULE presents the next generation of COFA at AMB Stuttgart

HEULE being pioneer of the back deburring continues to write the COFA success story. Its exclusive ability to deburr even and uneven bore edges in one single pass receives further features such as larger deburring capacity. Innovation does not exclude proven products.

After expanding its range downward to Ø 2mm HEULE has now revised the blade concept of the larger tools (bore Ø ≥ 6mm). The new design allows larger deburring capacities up to R1.5. The easily exchangeable blades enable different deburring capacities without changing the tool. Another new feature created by the HEULE R&D team is the deburring of threaded bores. The new tool range covers the ISO dimensions M8 up to M30 (bore Ø 6.7 mm to 26.3 mm).
The new design concept with blade support and blade also increases profitability. The modular setup as well as the extended tool life contribute to improve production efficiency. The optimized standard range with its reduced tool length is responsible for a further step towards our goal of best achievable deburring quality at best possible cutting data.