News - 21.10.2019

Handout Expert Lecture "Deburring of 1:1 Cross Bores"

Parallel to the Deburring Expo trade show in Karlsruhe (Germany), there was an expert forum taking place. On this occasion, our Mr. René Kehl, New Business Development Manager, gave a lecture about "Deburring of 1:1 cross bores". The handout of this presentation is now available for download here. The photo shows HEULE's stand crew. Mr. R. Kehl is second from the right.

In 2017, HEULE presented their COFA-X technology as part of their X-BORES strategy for the first time. In 2019, i.e. two years later, numerous customer projects have been implemented and the level of knowledge in terms of experience and manufacturing possibilities has been significantly expanded. The COFA-X tool was developed for the deburring of 1:1 cross bores. "1:1" means that bores of the same diameter or almost the same size intersect at an angle of 90°.

Below please find the slides of the presentation.