Cassette tool from HEULE – process capable deburring of large bore-Ø

Automotive Industry / Connecting Rod

Reduce cycle times

HEULE has been reducing cycle times in the automotive industry successfully for over 30 years now. Today, car manufacturers ask for simple and process capable tool system. Terms like "time saving activities", "labor costs saving“ and "CIP continuous improvement process“ are common practice in the automotive industry

Customer application

Our customer has been machining the connecting rods manually for years.

Bore Ø62.5 mm
Deburring size Ø63.5 mm
Unevenness 20°
Material Forged steel

Proposed solution by HEULE Werkzeug AG

The HEULE proposal stipulates a cassette solution with the COFA tool. The standard COFA cassette can be adapted easily to large bore diameters by using a customized tool holder. This method gives the freedom to use the standard cassette also for other deburring applications.

The burrs will be removed at the front and at the back without any problems. Due to the unevenness of the bore edge, the radial deburring will be slightly irregular.

Benefits of the solution

The connecting rod is clamped on an undefined surface. As a result, the deburring surface is also undefined which is asking necessarily for a spring-guided deburring system that compensates for the variance.

The COFA blade does not hurt the already finished bore surface when traversing the hole. It is recommendable to apply low cutting values in order to allow the COFA blade to adapt to the contour.


Connecting rod / Main bore 

COFA cassette tool

Tool body; Cassette holder with COFA12 cassette

Blade; standard blade COFA12

Cutting data

Working  speed

300 rpm

Working feed

0.15 mm/rev.


External cooling

60 Years Heule