Counterbore Tools from HEULE to reduce process time and improve efficiency

Cylinder head / Back Spot Facing Tool

Cycle time – the decisive factor

HEULE has been reducing cycle times in the automotive industry successfully for over 30 years now. Today, car manufacturers ask for simple and process capable tool system. Terms like "time saving activities", "labor costs saving“ and "CIP continuous improvement process“ are common practice in the automotive industry.

Customer application

The manufacture of countersinks, in particular screw head countersinks, are carried out mostly by back machining and are very time consuming. Either the workpiece is machined on the front surface which entails a turning of the workpiece. After the turning, it is evident that readjusting is inevitable and the time needed has tripled – or the machining is done backward. Most commonly a screw-on-type countersink or counterbore tool is used. The issue here is that – having to machine serveral hundreds of bores – all bores have to be approached individually because the countersink cap has to be fixed first every single time. Needless to mention that this takes a lot of time.

The high amount of time invested in each bore and the lacking process capability have led to rethinking this process.


Ø12.6 mm

Back Spot Facing backward

Ø22.0 mm


Aluminium Cast

Proposed solution by HEULE Werkzeug AG

The solution from HEULE reduces the processing time and improves the process capability. The workpiece is not to be moved in any case in order to keep the tolerance simply and safely.


Benefits of the solution

By using the HEULE back spot facing tool the workpiece can be machined fully in one setup without the need for reclamping it or by adding an additional process step.

To operate the BSF tool an internal coolant with 20 bar pressure minimum is required.

Cutting data

Working speed

2000 rpm

Cutting speed 

140 m/min

Working feed

0.05 mm/rev.

Customer satisfaction

The customer is very satisfied by the result and the achieved time savings. The high spindle speed reduces the fluttering of the blade due to the interrupted cut considerably.

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