The Competitive Back Spotfacing Tools

Tools for efficient back spotfacing. Allows the machining of spotfaces and counterbores such as for cylindrical screw heads without turning the workpiece.

The surprisingly simple BSF tool concept allows back spotfacing or back counterboring in one operation without turning the workpiece. The productive efficiency is distinguished by its simplicity and high process capability. Starting the spindle with the recommended activation speed, the blade swings out in working position. We can control the retraction of the blade with the pressure of the coolant.


  • The BSF tool is especially designed for automatic operation and is immediately ready for service. 
  • It works without an anti-rotation device, change of turning direction or any machine adaptations. 
  • The simple swing mechanism combined with the internal coolant pressure system (min. 20 bar) is granting a high tool capability. 
  • All tool components and blades are simple to replace. 
  • The tool works vertically and horizontally. 
  • Standard range with steps of 0.5 mm from bore diameter 6.5 mm to 21.0 mm Blades available in all dimensions, with different coatings in carbide as well as in high-speed steel quality.
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